Café Dining “Beltempo” Lunch Buffet at Hotel Metropolitan Edmont

all you can eat

Hotel Metropolitan Edmont’s dining café “Beltempo” buffet lunch is a place where you can enjoy a delightful blend of Japanese and Western cuisine. Available for unlimited hours on weekdays, the menu offers a wide variety of items and delicious dishes. Of particular note is the roast beef from the live kitchen. This dish, which is cut in front of you, is all-you-can-eat, allowing you to enjoy the full flavor of the meat. Also offered are five types of curry, available only during the month of August. The butter chicken curry is characterized by its mild sweetness and can be enjoyed with naan or rice. The menu changes every month, so you can enjoy it as often as you like. The lunch buffet is unlimited on weekdays and can be enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere, making it easy to visit even if you are alone. Reservations are accepted, so we recommend that you make a reservation in advance before visiting.

The Beltempo buffet also offers oven-baked pizzas, two types of which are particularly popular: the Tropical Pizza and the Margherita. The Tropical Pizza is a refreshing summer dish with the perfect combination of sour fruit and bacon. The Margherita, on the other hand, is simple yet delicious, with the sourness of tomatoes and the flavor of basil spreading through the air. The savory flavor of oven-baked pizza and the buffet’s all-you-can-eat menu make it an enjoyable experience.

Roast beef is one of the features of Beltempo’s live kitchen. This dish, which is cut in front of your eyes, is an exquisite dish that allows you to fully enjoy the juiciness and flavor of the meat. The cut roast beef is served with a variety of sauces, including soy wasabi sauce, green onion salt, horseradish, and garlic sauce. One of the attractions of this restaurant is that you can enjoy different tastes by changing the sauces. The roast beef served in the live kitchen is an all-you-can-eat item as part of the lunch buffet, and is a must for meat lovers.

As a special limited-time offer, five different Indian curries will be available in August. All of these curries can be enjoyed on an all-you-can-eat basis. Among them, the butter chicken curry is mildly spicy and richly sweet, and can be enjoyed with toppings. You can also choose naan, turmeric rice, or 16-grain rice, and enjoy tasting your favorite combination. For curry lovers, this limited-time Indian curry is an imperdible (not-to-be-missed) dish.

The Beltempo buffet also offers a full lineup of Japanese dishes. One of the most eye-catching dishes is the colorful inari sushi. It can be enjoyed with other Japanese dishes such as asari and cabbage with ginger and kiriboshi daikon. In particular, the inari sushi topped with minced chicken and broiled egg is beautifully colored and offers a different flavor with each bite. The colorful inari, a Japanese dish, is an attractive dish that can only be enjoyed at a buffet that blends Japanese and Western cuisine.

The dessert section of Beltempo offers a wide variety of sweets. Especially recommended are desserts like cakes, including brownies, custard pudding, and tarte ananas. The brownies have a moist texture and a rich chocolate flavor. The custard pudding has a smooth texture and an exquisite sweetness that goes well with the caramel sauce. The tarte ananas is another dish that spreads the fresh flavor of ananas. Furthermore, mango pudding is another dessert that offers the flavor of fresh mango. The dessert corner also offers a wide selection of ice cream, allowing diners to fully enjoy this seasonal sweet treat.

As mentioned above, a wonderful buffet lunch experience awaits you at Hotel Metropolitan Edmont’s café-dining Beltempo, where you can enjoy a delightful blend of Japanese and Western cuisine and a variety of desserts. With unlimited hours and reservations available on weekdays, you can enjoy a wide variety of tastes while relaxing and enjoying your time.