Two all-you-can-eat crab and seafood restaurants in Tokyo: Crab Shrimp and Oyster, and Crab Buffet Gozzo!

Crab Shrimp and OysterThe other day, my friend and I visited Crab Shrimp and Oyster in Akasaka for an all-you-can-eat di...
all you can eat

Here are 5 all-you-can-eat restaurants in Tokyo for $7/1,000 yen!

1.【CHOUANIKI Shimbashi】CHOUANIKI Shimbashi's lunch buffet is a 3-minute walk from the Karasumori Exit.The price is 1000 ...
all you can eat

Health and Deliciousness Come Together at ZEN HOUSE’s Breakfast Buffet

Hello everyone! I recently visited ZEN HOUSE, a wonderful Japanese restaurant located on the basement floor of the Mille...