Stamina Taro NEXT Takadanobaba: A Variety of Flavors to Enjoy at a Food Theme Park

all you can eat

I report on the dining experience at Stamina Taro NEXT, which is directly connected to Shinjuku Takadanobaba Station. Located on the 9th floor of BIGBOX, Stamina Taro NEXT Takadanobaba is conveniently located near the station. Stepping into the restaurant, you are greeted by a bright and spacious space.

This is a food theme park where you can cook various foods by yourself. It is a comprehensive buffet featuring Japanese, Western, Chinese, grilled meat, sushi, and desserts. The prices are reasonable, and you can enjoy it from lunch on weekdays to dinner on weekends and holidays.

The first thing that catches the eye is the yakiniku corner. A wide variety of meats are lined up, including special roasts, tender ribs, and pork tongue and sagari. There are also a wide variety of yakiniku tare (barbecue sauce) available, such as negi shio (green onion salt) sauce, grated radish, and the restaurant’s original sweet yakiniku sauce, allowing you to find the flavor you like best. The aroma of yakiniku meat wafts through the restaurant, whetting your appetite.

Next, the sushi corner catches the eye. Fresh ingredients are lined up, including inari, salmon, tuna, and more, making it a must for sushi lovers. There is also a full lineup of condiments, and wasabi and gari (ginger) can be used freely, so you can enjoy seasoning to your liking.

The Japanese, Western, and Chinese sections offer a wide variety of dishes such as fried rice, handmade fried chicken, and fried noodles. In particular, the handmade deep-fried tofu is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, making it an exquisite dish. Western-style dishes include pasta, vinegared chicken, soybean flour fried bread, and other hearty dishes.

Furthermore, at the noodle corner, you can boil and make your own ramen, udon, and pasta. Choose from a wide variety of soups and add your favorite toppings to enjoy your own unique bowl of noodles. At the soup corner, you can enjoy seasonal hot soups such as corn cream soup, miso soup, and mild kalbi soup.

After your meal, refresh yourself at the beverage corner. A variety of drinks are available, including tea, soft drinks, and coffee. Black oolong tea is perfect for aiding digestion after a meal.

Then, sweet treats such as baked marshmallows, soft-serve ice cream, and ice cream await you at the dessert corner. Soft serve ice cream, in particular, comes in a variety of flavors, such as vanilla, mixed, and chocolate, to suit your taste.

Finally, deep-fried skewers, salads, shaved ice, and many other delights await you. With the experience of making your own food and enjoying nostalgic tastes, Stamina Taro NEXT Takadanobaba was a place where you can not only eat but also enjoy. I would definitely like to visit again next time!