Excellent cost performance! A new spot in Shibuya where you can enjoy crab seafood buffet and Hamayaki BBQ

all you can eat

Shibuya’s Seafood Buffet & Hamayaki BBQ Tamatebako opened in April 2024 and has been attracting attention for its excellent cost performance and extensive menu.
This restaurant is located near Shibuya Station and offers separate pricing for lunch and dinner, with a 90-minute all-you-can-drink policy.

The seafood buffet includes a wide variety of seafood such as snow crab, tuna, and salmon roe, as well as tempura and oden.
In particular, the red snow crab, shipped directly from the Sakaiminato port, is not to be missed.
The crab meat has a light flavor.
Raw oysters and Japanese tuna sashimi are also popular, and the fresh taste can be enjoyed to the fullest.

At Hamayaki BBQ, oysters, scallops, squid, and other ingredients are available and can be enjoyed grilled with butter and condiments.
The turban shells, in particular, are juicy and have a distinctly seaside flavor.
The fun part is choosing and grilling the ingredients for the hamayaki, which fills the mouth with savory and delicious flavors.

At the drink corner, you can enjoy beer, sake, and wine.
Seasonal grilled vegetables and chawan-mushi (steamed rice in a bowl) with shijimi broth, as well as hand-rolled sushi and desserts, provide a highly satisfying dining experience.

The restaurant is located on the basement floor and has a lively atmosphere.
The buffet table is lined with colorful dishes to whet your appetite.
The staff is also attentive and quick to respond to any shortages of ingredients.

Tamatebako is a restaurant where you can enjoy a sumptuous seafood buffet and Hamayaki BBQ at a reasonable price in Shibuya.