Blissful breakfast at Shibuya Station! All-you-can-eat buffet experience at Huwadolo!

all you can eat

All-you-can-eat breakfast at Shibuya Station! With this in mind, I woke up early today and headed to Huwadolo on the 3rd floor of Hotel Mets Shibuya.

After entering the restaurant, I first paid the bill.
I was surprised to find that for the reasonable price of 1,800 yen, I could enjoy so many items on the menu.
The restaurant is spacious and has a comfortable, warm atmosphere. The blue sofas are impressive, and the space is like an oasis.

The buffet spreads out before you. A variety of dishes, both Western and Japanese, are lined up.

The soy-sauce malted rice zangi breast, ginger pork, spinach and salmon grilled with butter, etc. all look delicious.
In particular, the soy-sauce malted rice zangi with breast meat is a perfect combination of crispy batter and moist meat.

What catches the eye are the wooden boxes in the Japanese food corner.
A rich lineup of onigiri rice balls, including takikomi-gohan, mentaiko takuan, mackerel sansho, and many other Japanese food staples and oddities.
Many of the dishes make the most of the flavors of Japanese ingredients, making them a perfect breakfast that is gentle on the body.

And we recommend Huwadoro’s specialty, meringue egg rice.
The fluffy meringue and thickened egg are a perfect combination, and adding condiments makes it even more delicious.

Now, there are also drinks to accompany the meal.
A variety of drinks are available, including orange juice, coffee, and green tea.
The orange juice, in particular, has a refreshing aftertaste.
There are two types of bread: croissants and petit buns.
You can also reheat them in the toaster.

And then there is the dessert corner.
You can’t miss it either.
Hand-baked crepes, French toast, fruit lychee, and more are available for those with a sweet tooth.
The thin, hand-baked crepes are moist and go well with the orange sauce. It’s a good way to finish off your meal with dessert.

After you finish eating, you will be filled with a sense of satisfaction.
With such a wide selection for 1,800 yen, it really is a great value.
Hwadro, directly connected to Shibuya Station, is worth a visit for breakfast.