Ginza’s Breakfast Paradise: Affordable Japanese and Western Cuisine at SAKURA


Located on the third floor of Hotel Gracery Ginza, just three minutes from Ginza Station, SAKURA offers a breakfast buffet of elaborate Japanese and Western cuisine at affordable prices.
A wide variety of Japanese and Western dishes are served, offering an authentic taste comparable to that of a ryotei (Japanese-style restaurant).
First, the restaurant is conveniently located, just a 3-minute walk from Exit A3 of Ginza Station.
This makes it easy to stop by during sightseeing or business in the Ginza area.

The outside of the breakfast buffet is “SAKURA,” which exudes a classy atmosphere. As the name suggests, it is decorated in the image of beautiful cherry blossoms, giving it a Japanese flair.
Another nice feature is the reasonable price of 2,200 yen for an outside guest.

The buffet table offers a well-balanced selection of Japanese and Western cuisine, and a wide variety of exquisite dishes will catch your eye.
Of particular recommendation is the Japanese-style stewed beef cheeks, a dish as elaborate as a ryotei (Japanese-style restaurant).
The tender, tender meat is perfectly matched with the refreshing flavor of yuzu miso, providing a sumptuous taste experience.

In addition, the menu offers sophisticated a la carte dishes such as marinated colorful vegetables, shrimp and egg in cocktail sauce, and marinated mussels.
In Japanese cuisine, diners can also enjoy traditional Japanese delicacies such as Oyama chicken galantine and boiled hokke fish.

The Western food corner offers a wide variety of Western-style dishes such as scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, and lasagna-style penne gratin. In particular, the cheese and cream cheese combination is superb, and goes especially well with the sweet rusks.

A wide variety of drinks are also available, including hojicha, black tea, and coffee.
In addition, there is a wide selection of health-conscious drinks such as brown rice flakes, corn flakes, and kale green juice.

The dessert corner offers a wide range of items from western sweets such as crème caramel, cream puffs, and Stollen to yogurt with blueberry & strawberry and raspberry sauce.
Fruits with a refreshing sour taste and desserts with an elegant sweetness are the perfect ending to a meal.

All in all, the breakfast buffet at SAKURA on the 3rd floor of Hotel Gracery Ginza offers an attractive dining experience where you can easily enjoy high-quality dishes that blend Japanese and Western cuisine, and enjoy affordable pricing despite its location in the heart of Ginza.