Hotel InterContinental Tokyo Bay’s buffet lunch: snow crab, seasonal nigiri sushi, shrimp miso ramen, and more!

all you can eat

Hotel InterContinental Tokyo Bay is located near Tokyo Disney Resort, making it very convenient for tourists and business travelers. With easy access to Disneyland and DisneySea, it is an ideal place to stay for families and Disney fans.

The hotel is known for its spectacular views of Tokyo Bay and Rainbow Bridge from its upper floors. The views from the rooms are breathtaking, and the night view is especially worth seeing. The comfortable and spacious rooms are decorated with modern design and comfortable furnishings, providing a relaxing and comfortable stay.

The hotel’s diverse dining options offer a wide variety of cuisines. In particular, there are Japanese, Italian, steakhouse, and seafood restaurants to suit a wide range of tastes. Diners can enjoy a harmony of fresh ingredients and chefs’ skills.

Dining at the hotel’s Chef’s Live Kitchen was particularly impressive. Here, chefs prepare dishes right in front of you and you can enjoy the process. The chef’s skill and passion for his cuisine was evident in his use of fresh ingredients.

From September 6 to November 30, 2023, a buffet themed on Hokkaido gourmet cuisine is being held. With all-you-can-eat snow crab on weekdays and all-you-can-eat sushi for lunch, this popular event is a great way to enjoy the flavors of autumn and the delicacies of Hokkaido.

The restaurant’s first dish, First Dish soup, is especially enticing. This soup, a perfect combination of Tokachi mushrooms and chicken tsukune (chicken meatballs), is rich in collagen and is excellent for beautiful skin and health. The subtle sweetness of the Tokachi mushrooms, large potatoes, and plump, soft chicken tsukune (chicken meatballs) enhance the deliciousness of the soup, which is loaded with flavor. Spinach also adds an accent to the dish, giving it a creamy, elegant flavor. This dish sets the tone for the rest of the meal, and is the perfect start to a wonderful dining experience!

All-you-can-eat snow crab from Funkawan in Hokkaido is available on weekdays only. It takes a lot of time and effort to remove the meat from the snow crab, but it is an unforgettable experience for crab lovers. Although the meat is small, it is tender, fresh, and delicious. Furthermore, it is a healthy food with high protein and low calories. Despite its small size, the crab innards are packed tightly, and its refreshing flavor is also very appealing. It is a dish that can be enjoyed by adding gochujang (red pepper paste) or crab vinegar to enhance its flavor.

The Chef’s Live Kitchen offers a sushi buffet, a luxurious experience where guests can order sushi to their liking, one person at a time. The lineup includes tuna, squid, salmon, and other fresh ingredients, from which diners are free to choose and enjoy. The sushi section in particular is much sought-after, with chefs making the sushi right in front of you for a taste of freshness and deliciousness.

The Ebi Miso Ramen was one of the standout dishes of the buffet. It features a particularly exquisite combination of shrimp flavor and miso. This ramen has a rich shrimp broth base, with miso added to add richness and depth. The miso accent is exquisite and appetizing.

At the dessert corner, hand-squeezed Mont Blanc was prepared. It was worth seeing as the chef squeezed the Mont Blanc in front of our eyes. The smooth chestnut cream and crispy pie combined perfectly to create an exquisite dessert.

The Chef’s Live Kitchen offers a delicious buffet in a lively atmosphere. The staff and chefs are friendly and their hospitality is renowned for being excellent. The view from the restaurant is excellent, allowing you to enjoy your meal in a relaxed atmosphere. After dinner, we recommend taking a walk to enjoy the view of Tokyo Bay and Rainbow Bridge. It is a place that offers a wonderful experience that you will want to revisit.