All-you-can-eat counter sushi at Fish Market Japan No.1 in Okachimachi, Tokyo!

all you can eat

Fish Market Japan No.1, Okachimachi Branch

This restaurant offers a succession of sushi prepared by chefs at the counter using fresh ingredients from the Toyosu market.
It is only a 4-minute walk from the nearest station.
The location is easily accessible for locals and tourists alike.
The menu features more than 40 types of Edomae sushi, which can be enjoyed as much as you like.

The atmosphere was very special as we were able to sit at the counter and watch chefs skillfully make each dish up close and personal.
All-you-can-eat reservations are required until the day of the event.
The price is 4,620 yen for men and 4,180 yen for women.
90-minute service, last order is 75 minutes.

Orders are limited to 10 pieces of sushi at a time, with or without wasabi.
The sushi was made with fresh market ingredients and was outstanding in its taste.
Sushi lovers cannot resist the all-you-can-eat experience while watching chefs over the counter as they make their sushi.

Sardine, bonito, sea bream, kohada, octopus, medium fatty tuna, egg, spring onion, and scallop

The restaurant’s interior is homey, and the all-you-can-eat counter seating gives it a special feel.
There is a wide variety of sushi, and we enjoyed the sight of the chefs skillfully preparing the sushi.
The quality and variety of the ingredients were satisfying, as was the tenderness of the conger eel, the sea urchin with cucumber, and the beautiful coloring of the salmon roe.

Miso soup

Chawan-mushi (steamed egg custard)

The miso soup and chawan-mushi can be refilled.
The miso soup is made with wakame seaweed and green onion, and goes well with sushi.
The steamed egg custard was hot and smooth inside. The taste is very gentle.

You can also order hand-rolled sushi and gunkan.
The hand rolls are Tekkamaki, Negitoro Maki, Kampyo Maki, Natto Maki, Kappa Maki, and Oshinko Maki.
Gunkan are squid okra, shishamokko, crab innards, and boiled scallion.

Freshly fried french fries are also available for refills.
I enjoyed the crunchy texture and it was just right for a chopstick break.

Fish Market Japan No.1 is characterized by the freshness and quality of its ingredients and the meticulous work done by its chefs. The restaurant is clean and has a homey atmosphere.
The all-you-can-eat sushi concept at Fish Market Japan No.1 Okachimachi is “Keep eating sushi until you pass out!
It was a luxurious all-you-can-eat experience.