A superb food experience at the Zakuro Buffet at the Grand Prince Hotel Shin Takanawa!

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Grand Prince Hotel Shin Takanawa is a luxury hotel located in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, known for its history and quality of service. The hotel offers a wide variety of facilities and excellent service, making it an ideal place to stay for tourists and business travelers alike.
One of the unique features of Grand Prince Hotel Shin Takanawa is its historical background. The hotel was designed by architect Kiyoshi Toyoda and opened in 1962. Since then, the hotel has undergone a series of renovations and renewals, offering a blend of modern facilities and traditional Japanese aesthetics. The rooms and common areas of the hotel are decorated with traditional Japanese aesthetics, providing a comfortable atmosphere for guests.
The hotel has several restaurants and bars offering a diverse range of cuisines. Japanese, French, Italian, and many other types of restaurants offer a wide variety of culinary offerings. The delicious food, along with quality service, provides a high quality experience for those staying at the hotel.

“Slopeside Diner Zakuro” is a lunch buffet restaurant located in Grand Prince Hotel Shin Takanawa, and as its name suggests, it features a comfortable atmosphere and a wide variety of dishes. This lunch buffet is known for its fresh, seasonal ingredients and wide variety of dishes.
The first major attraction of the lunch buffet is the variety of dishes. From Japanese to international cuisine, there is a wide variety of dishes on offer to satisfy a wide range of appetites. A fresh salad bar, colorful sushi, grilled meats and fish, and seasonal desserts make lunchtime a delightful experience.
Slopeside Diner Zakuro also pays special attention to the quality of the food. The chefs prepare their dishes with care and attention to detail, making them both visually pleasing and satisfying to the palate. Special menus that take advantage of seasonal and local ingredients are also available, offering new taste discoveries for visitors.
The charm of a lunch buffet lies not only in the food, but also in the relaxation it provides. The atmosphere at Slopeside Diner Zakuro combines sophisticated décor and soothing music to create a relaxing lunchtime experience. The freedom offered by the buffet style is one of its charms, allowing diners to enjoy conversation with family and friends.

Watching the chefs at the live sushi kitchen skillfully nigiri the sushi is truly a work of art. The luxurious moment of choosing your favorite fish and having it made on the spot will make your meal itself a special experience.
Tuna, squid, salmon, and shrimp. Four delicious choices unfold before your eyes. First, the tuna. Its deep red meat is truly exquisite, and the freshness of the tuna melts on your tongue the moment it is brought to your mouth. The tuna sushi is carefully prepared by chefs’ hands, and you will be enthralled by its luxurious taste.
Next comes the squid. The squid is characterized by its delicate and moist texture, and the flavor of fresh squid fills your mouth. The clear squid sushi, created by the hands of chefs, is a true bounty of the sea and is sure to leave you in awe of its deliciousness.
The rich fat of the salmon spreads in perfect balance and melts smoothly in the mouth. The moment the fresh salmon is nigiri sushi, the vivid color and rich flavor that spreads in your mouth will whet your appetite. Salmon sushi, enhanced by the skill of the chefs, is truly a feast for the palate.
Last but not least is the shrimp. The shrimp is a delight with a plump texture and a rich sweetness. The chefs skillfully nigiri the shrimp sushi, and one cannot help but marvel at the superb workmanship. The taste of the shrimp that spreads in your mouth is truly a masterpiece.
The chef’s skill in selecting these ingredients and nigirizushi ensures that the sushi is fresh, full of flavor, and melts in your mouth. Enjoying your choice of sushi with the realistic sensation of the live kitchen is a truly blissful experience.

As a luxurious dish, we recommend the Teppanyaki of Duck and Iberico Pork. This dish is a perfect blend of grilled vegetables, Iberian pork, and duck, and the combination of tapenade and lemosco is a delight to both the sense of taste and sight.
The colorful grilled vegetables that move around on the griddle are like a work of art. The Iberian pork and duck served here are carefully grilled to bring out the best texture and flavor of the meat. The dish is a feast for the eyes as well.
The combination of tapenade and lemosco adds depth and accent to the dish. The rich flavor of the tapenade and the refreshing acidity of the lemosco enhance the flavor of the meat and make the meal even more special.
The duck is very tender as a result of the careful cooking process. Each bite is rich and smooth on the tongue. The flavor of the duck is enhanced by the teppanyaki, and it is a taste that is truly worthy of the word “exquisite.
The Iberico pork is a truly exquisite dish, with its fatty meat being very sweet. You will be impressed by the aroma that spreads as soon as it is grilled and the rich flavor it brings to your mouth. The sweetness of the fat is in perfect harmony with the duck, and what plays on your tongue is truly a meat paradise.
Grilled vegetables are simply served with salt to enhance the original flavor of the ingredients. The moment the fresh vegetables are grilled and the salt flavor is enhanced, you are taken on a luxurious taste journey.
This teppanyaki of duck and Iberian pork is truly a culinary masterpiece that stimulates all five senses. From the moment the dish is prepared on the teppan to the moment it is served, you will experience a moment of bliss.

For a luxurious taste experience, try Zakuro’s famous roast beef, marinated in salted malted rice for a day and slowly baked in a low-temperature oven. Its melt-in-your-mouth texture will delight your palate with every bite.
Three different mustard sauces are available to enhance the flavor of the meat. First is the green mustard. Its peculiar flavor enhances the deep flavor of the roast beef. Recommended for those who want to enjoy the true flavor of the meat.
Next is violet mustard. Its sweet spice makes it a perfect match for red meat. The flavor of violet mustard adds a unique edge to roast beef.
And passionfruit mustard. Its fruity flavor enhances the juiciness of the meat and brings a refreshing mouthfeel. This sauce is especially perfect for the warmer months.
The roast beef served on the plate is beautiful to look at, thick and exquisitely pink. With each bite, the tenderness and aroma of the meat fills the mouth. This sumptuous food is a specialty of Zakuro, offering visitors an exquisite dining experience.

Grilled seafood nettles, it is a sumptuous dish of scallops, soft-shell shrimp, and thick-cut bacon, all three of which are in perfect harmony. In addition, three different salts and soy sauces – yuzu salt, herb and spice salt, and Matcha salt – add their own unique accents to the ingredients, enhancing their savory and deep flavors.
First, the dish is filled with an aromatic good smell. The savory smell that spreads during the grilling process whets the appetite. Then, spread out before you are thickly sliced bacon with just the right amount of salt, sweet and tender scallops, and soft-shell shrimp that can be eaten whole.
The thickly sliced bacon, with its glistening grill marks, can be enjoyed either as is or in combination with other ingredients. The salty and savory flavors are a perfect match, and the just the right amount of salt enhances the flavor of the meat. The addition of the herb and spice salt adds even more depth to this sumptuous bite.
The scallops, with their sweet and tender texture, are a perfect match for the spice salt. The sweet and spicy flavors that spread from the grilled scallops fill the mouth and delight the palate. When topped with yuzu salt, the fresh yuzu aroma and saltiness further enhances the flavor of the seafood.
The soft-shell shrimp, which can be eaten whole, is also worthy of special mention. Its crispy texture and rich flavor stand out among the grilled seafood. Drizzle soy sauce on it and enjoy its simple yet profound flavor, and your tongue will be filled with joy at that moment.
Kaisen Amiyaki is a luxurious dish where you can enjoy the exquisite harmony of three ingredients, three salts, and soy sauce. Its aroma, taste, and texture truly stimulate the senses and bring happiness to the table.

As a luxurious dessert, fresh-squeezed Mont Blanc will be served. This Mont Blanc has a soft and fluffy texture, with the inside exquisitely packed with fresh cream and a moist pound cake spread on the bottom. Furthermore, the option to choose up to three from eight different gelatos is also appealing. The moment you choose the purple sweet potato from this list, you will enjoy a refreshing taste that is not too sweet.
The Mont Blanc, as the name suggests, is a dish that creates a gorgeous atmosphere. The fluffy dough spreads comfortably in the mouth, and its softness is truly exquisite. The fresh cream that overflows from inside the cake as soon as it is cut into pieces adds a deep richness and thickness to the dessert.
The base pound cake is moist and gently sweet. It spreads over the top of the mont blanc and melts in your mouth. This exquisite combination has captivated the palates of dessert lovers.
Another attraction is the variety of gelato. Strawberry, La France, chocolate, vanilla, black sesame, green tea, purple sweet potato, and raspberry: the choice of up to three in one order is a dessert lover’s dream come true. The purple sweet potato was chosen from among them. This purple sweet potato gelato is not too sweet, but has a strong sweet potato flavor and is smooth in the mouth. You can enjoy a blissful moment as if you are eating a sweet potato in your mouth.