Morning bliss, affordable breakfast buffet at Cocos Tokyo Inn, a Tokyo budget hotel!

all you can eat

Tokyo Inn offers convenient access to Tokyo.
The appeal of Tokyo Inn is its inexpensive room rates and ideal location for business and sightseeing.
It has a 24-hour Cocos restaurant.
You can use it anytime. The most notable feature is the breakfast buffet!

The breakfast buffet attached to the hotel offers a wide variety of Japanese and Western dishes.
The breakfast buffet is open to guests even if they are not staying at the hotel.
It costs 858 yen for adults and 528 yen for children, and is available on weekends and holidays.
The restaurant opens as early as 6:00 a.m., making it perfect for busy mornings.
Let’s quickly enter the restaurant and explore its charm!

The interior of the restaurant is decorated in a wood-grain style, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
Seating is free, so you can dine wherever you like.
And the buffet table is lined with Japanese and Western food.

A wide variety of menu items!
Grabbing a tray, we started with Japanese food.
Breakfast udon is easy to eat and gentle on the stomach.
In addition, there is miso soup with soy milk, which has a mild and gentle taste.

Western dishes are also well prepared.
Scrambled eggs, sausage, grilled salmon fish, and yakisoba noodles with sauce.
All dishes are hearty and will give you energy from the morning.

You can also get plenty of vegetables.
Salad, tomatoes, broccoli, and corn.
Sweet and fresh vegetables are lined up.
You can start your day with a healthy breakfast.
The beverage corner offers a variety of drinks, including fruit carrot juice and soda.
There is also a wide selection of coffee, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing moment after your meal.

There is a bread corner & waffle corner.
Bread can be rebaked in the toaster.
At the waffle corner, you can bake your own fluffy waffles.
The waffles are also excellent when served with a generous amount of whipped cream!
The waffle with a hot drink was the best dessert.

At Cocos Tokyo Inn, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere with a rich menu in the morning.
Please visit us during your stay in Tokyo or any other time.