Yakiniku Takeda, a restaurant offering all-you-can-eat top-quality A5-ranked Japanese beef yakiniku

all you can eat

One of the attractions of Takeda Shibuya is the casual enjoyment of the highest quality A5 ranked Wagyu beef. I chose the all-you-can-eat Yakiniku course of premium Wagyu beef and special tongue. In this course, you can enjoy A5 ranked Wagyu beef to the fullest, the peak of its deliciousness. Its juiciness and flavor will be unforgettable once you try it.

The restaurant boasts a casual and homely atmosphere, with one notable feature being its excellent smoke exhaust system. When enjoying yakiniku, the smell was never a problem. Spacious tables were equipped with condiments, tongs, scissors, chopsticks, and plates to support a comfortable dining experience.

The meal begins with the restaurant’s famous Wagyu Beef Treasure Chest. It’s a visually appealing presentation, adding an enjoyable element of wrapping the meat with sauce. The appearance of the Wagyu Beef Treasure Chest sets a vibrant tone for the meal.

One of the restaurant’s specialties, the giant Mango-Cut Tongue, is truly surprising. Its size, appearance, and taste are all unique and delightful. When grilled and eaten, the rich flavor spreads out, leaving a remarkable impression. This dish is well worth a visit.

In addition to yakiniku, the restaurant offers a wide variety of side dishes, including ramen. Egg kuppa, yukkejang udon noodles, and okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) are just a few examples of the delicious dishes available. Combining these with yakiniku allows you to explore a wide range of flavors.

And finally, as I’ve mentioned numerous times, the A5-ranked Wagyu beef was outstanding. When prepared as yakiniku, it delivers a luxurious experience with its mouth-melting texture and rich flavor. Once you try it, you’ll become addicted to the taste.

Takeda Shibuya is conveniently located a 5-minute walk from Shibuya Station and accommodates various group sizes, from couples to larger groups. With extended operating hours and year-round availability, you can visit anytime. The drink bar is well-stocked, and we also enjoyed the dessert and entertainment corner. We highly recommend this restaurant for Wagyu beef yakiniku enthusiasts. Reservations can be easily made by phone or online, and we eagerly anticipate our next visit.

Reflecting on the experience, Takeda Shibuya is a meat lover’s paradise, with its remarkable Wagyu beef and diverse menu leaving a lasting impression. We genuinely look forward to revisiting this restaurant for another outstanding dining experience.